COME INTO BEING (by Curator students at Stockholm University),

29 april– 12 maj 2016

Participating artists:
Carla Garlaschi
Kristina Jovanović & Sandra Stojanović
Lundahl & Seitl
Paul DC Kindersley
Pella Kågerman
Pilvi Takala
Siri Landgren

The exhibition is curated by Jovana Nedeljkovic, Frida Gustafsson, Daphne Carolus, Christoffer Reichenberg, Anna Baca & Alina Abdullayeva.

The project has been made possible with the support of the Department of Aesthetics and Culture of
Stockholm University.

Coming Into Being’ examines the contemporary construction of identities through the artistic modes of
manifestation and roleplay. We are constantly transforming in order to connect with others, and adapting to obtain social acceptance. Assuming and rejecting roles is a way through which we construct and investigate identity. In a digitised world, our identities are an interlaced complex of analogue roles and online profiles. The superfluidity of images allows the shuffling of different versions of ourselves, and to share them with others.

‘Coming Into Being’ explores the hybrid self. It creates a mirror which reflects our fragmented and desired identities. The exhibition brings together artists who look at norms and roles, and invites the audience to partake in this constant process of negotiation.